(Runs perfectly fine on mobile)

Game made for Game Off 2021

This puzzle game will walk you through the whole evolution stages that led to CATS from the very beginning (well sort of). The evolution process just doesn't seem possible without any bugs in nature or interference from some higher being, and also their creations (cats, humans, and many other animals) seem really buggy at times.

Main Idea behind developement: 

I had these ideas of implementing various solutions, gameplay requiring creatively searching for logic, and at some point I thought maybe who ever created this world may have gone through such processes. Since some of the evolutions (eyes for example) just seem to come out of nowhere, maybe the creator cheated laws of nature a bit and helped out the creatures a bit. (Just a personal thoughts and I am not a religious person nor a scientist)

Tile rules

Two types of tiles link together to cause effects, and you can manipulate tiles prior to running the simulation or in real-time.

I hope you have fun! let me know in the comment if something goes wrong.

Special thanks to: Yakpanda and Sangsonee for helping out on stages and dialogue, and all the others who help test the game and gave me excellent feedback


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how to play on DESKTOP?

On desktop use a web browser! :)

not this but if i play in fullscreen it doesnt show all game which is in portrait mode...